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  • Speech

    Clear speech means your child can freely communicate with children and adults in his or her life. Clear speech will assist as your child begins to read and spell. When your child is an adult the effects of clear speech may be seen in the workplace.

  • Language

    Language is also an important area where a child can be assisted to understand more of what is said to him at home and in the classroom. He can also be assisted to express what he needs to say as this is not easy for all children.

  • Reading, Spelling, Writing

    If your child is struggling with Reading, Spelling or Writing I am very keen to assist your child in these areas. These three areas are so important to your child’s overall progress at school.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be tough for children. During the last few years experts, eg Dr Tony Attwood, Dr Carol Gray, Dr Steve Gutstein and Dr Richard Eisenmajor, have shared with Speech Pathologists, such as myself, a lot of information and strategies we can learn to make a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder’s life easier.

  • Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

    RDI is one of the main interventions I use with Autism, which was devised by Steve Gutstein. See below for more information on how the RDI program works.

A Speech Pathology Service on a Farm

Travelling a distance to attend a Speech Pathologist who works from her farm home may appear inconvenient. However, many parents find the warm atmosphere, with tea and coffee available, relaxing while I work with their child in a lesson, designed to be both fun and interesting for their child. The working farm can be viewed from the safe boundary of the house yard fence. Farm activities are often very motivating for the children that need the services of a Speech pathologist.

Fleta was simply amazing with working with our daughter. She used various methods of practices and was able to effectively communicate and gain her trust within her first session. Our daughter enjoyed her visits with Fleta and would usually ask when her next visit was. We would highly recommend Fleta's qualities and knowledge to anyone with speech impediments or communication issues.

How the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Program Works

The following document – How the RDI Program Works – goes into detail on how the RDI Program works. The links below also contain more information on RDI:

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